Český Krumlov, zámek, Guide Prague
9h, by car, from €350

Český Krumlov

Visit the unique Český Krumlov with a guide; walk through the gardens, the castle and the city center.

Kutná Hora, Guide Prague, centrum historického města
6h, from €250

Kutná Hora

In the rich medieval city you will visit the bone chapel, the church of St. Barbora, ​​and the center itself. All on the UNESCO list.

Karlovy Vary, hotel Pupp, Guide Prague
8h, from €350

Karlovy Vary

In the famous spa town you definitely need to taste the mineral water. You can visit two interesting museums.

Operace Anthropoid, výročí, krypta, Guide Prague
3h, 3 places, from €190

Operation Anthropoid

Visit 3 important locations associated with the Anthropoid operation: the street curve, the church crypt and the Lidice Memorial.

Vídeň, Guide Prague
10h, from €450


One day trip to Vienna: visit the most famous sites in the city center.

socha Martina Luthera a kostel Frauenkirche v Drážďanech, Guide Prague
9h, from €350


The Saxon metropolis, completely rebuilt after 1945, offers the glitz and grandeur of once kingdom's capital.

Terezín, Národní památník, hvězda na hřbitově, Guide Prague
6h, from €250

Terezín memorial

Terezín is the only preserved concentration camp of the WWII. Visit 3 places - a small and a large fortress, a cemetery, a museum.